Aerial Data Gathering Made Simple.

The Sophos Micro Platform.
Providing data efficiently and safely using small autonomous drones.

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What We Do.

At Sophos we are developing a revolutionary small palm-sized drone, capable of autonomous data gathering. Our take-off to landing full autonomy allows for efficient large scale data collection, while the small size and weight ensure inherent safety. A wide range of industries can benefit from drone based data, ranging from security, industrial inspection to warehouse inventory management and more.


Fully Autonomous

Automatic flight from take-off to landing. ‘Industrial inspections from behind your desk.’


Small, lightweight design. ‘Inherently safe according to aviation authorities.’

Visual Navigation

Autonomous flight, even in GPS denied environments. ‘Fly in a warehouse for efficiënt inventory tracking.’

On-Board Processing

Data can be analysed in realtime. ‘Automaticly detect an intruder in a security scenario.’

Want More?

You tell us! We are actively looking for new features.

How It Works.


Route planning for an optimal path.

Auto Take Off

On-demand or scheduled in advance.

Autonomous Flight

Fly the route and gather the desired data.

Auto Landing

Finds its way back to the base station.


Upload data to the cloud and charge the battery.

Endless Possibilities.

Our technology is highly versatile and can be implemented to solve a wide variety of problems. We are currently coöperating with selected companies to demonstrate the benefits of our technology in real-world applications. Want to know more? Please do not hesitate to contact us at